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          It can bring auspicious qi and ward off evil spirits: In China, the ancients believed that lions could not only ward off evil spirits, but also bring auspicious qi. The combination of the lion culture and the Canyu culture has produced a kind of dignified treasure of the house - lion statues of various materials and shapes. It not only appears outside the gates of palace offices and large families, but also at the gates of some temples and Taoist temples, in front of tombs, and on bridges.


          The symbol of authority, prosperity of power and nobility: ancient officials and large families were the ruling class and aristocratic class of society. The lion occupied the supreme position among the beasts, and the lion statue also became the symbol of authority. The lion statue outside the official gate also became an official. The lion on the left side of the palace represents the "Grand Master", which is the highest official rank in the imperial court; The lion on the right represents "Shaobao" and is the bodyguard of the Crown Prince. Those who have been to the Forbidden City in Beijing know that there is a pair of bronze lions in front of the Taihe Hall, which can be called the leader of lions.


          Lions are loved by people. The trouble is, after buying the bronze lion sculpture, why is there so much emphasis on placing the bronze lion, and how can we display the effect of the bronze lion? A series of questions will come, but the bronze lions cannot be placed casually. If you want to place lions in your home, you must come to see what is the point of placing lions.


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