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          Tongniu is the embodiment of bullishness and vigor. It represents the spirit of facing difficulties and the essence of sticking to the post and making silent contributions. It is said that cattle came to the world to help mankind. They worked silently in the fields, which brought material wealth to mankind. Moreover, the spirit of dedication embodied in them also brought spiritual wealth to mankind. Therefore, bronze cattle manufacturers cast many kinds of bronze cattle sculptures, which have different meanings. Let's understand.


          According to different shapes, bronze cattle can be divided into: pioneer cattle, rising cattle, fierce cattle, strong cattle, American Wall Street cattle, lucky cattle, shepherd boy cattle, buffalo, etc. It is a good gift for relatives and friends and for displaying handicrafts. The bronze bull can also be placed in urban gardens, parks, school squares, or tourist attractions as landscape sculptures.


          Different copper bulls have different meanings. For example, Wall Street bulls in the United States: Wall Street bulls are placed in front of the monthly securities delivery, which is a metaphor for the development of the "bull market" in the securities market. It is a psychological function of people who are optimistic about the "bull market" and symbolizes smooth and happiness.


          Herding boy cattle: it gives people the feeling of being idyllic, which can soothe people's hearts and bring some peace to the fidgety society; Rubbish cow sculpture: it represents hard work and represents people's harvest.

          在漢族交際風俗中,有“結牛財親”一說,流行于湖南一帶。在當地,一頭牛幾戶公用的稱為結牛財親,并視作親戚,牛的所有權一旦換成別人,其“親戚”關系也到此結束。流行于陜西留壩縣等地的“ 牛王會 ”,是為老人做壽的稱謂,因為 牛耕田犁地,有功于人,并且排在生肖的前列,以牛為名給老人祝壽,以表示尊敬。

          In the communication customs of the Han nationality, there is a saying of "getting married with cattle and making money", which is popular in Hunan. In the local area, a cow that is shared by several households is called a cow financial relative and regarded as a relative. Once the ownership of the cow is changed to someone else, its "relative" relationship will end. The "Ox King Association", which is popular in Liuba County, Shaanxi Province and other places, is a title for the elderly to live a long life. Because cows plough the fields, make contributions to people, and rank in the forefront of the Chinese zodiac. They celebrate the birthday of the elderly in the name of cattle to show respect.


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