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          作者:超級管理員 發布時間:22-11-28 點擊:25


          Copper horses are very common to us, and they play an important role in the art of our country. This is all due to the amazing bronze sculpture of "Horse Stepping on a Flying Swallow". Its existence makes us more impressed with the bronze galloping horse and admire the ancient people's copper handicraft making skills. Horse is a vigorous animal, a bronze horse sculpture from the Eastern Han Dynasty to the Western Jin Dynasty. Qin's painted flat pot with ox and horse patterns. Horse pattern bronze Gui in the Western Zhou Dynasty. All of these can reflect the weight of bronze horses in the eyes of the ancients. Horses are regarded as the embodiment of the dragon on the ground, which symbolizes the spirit of the dragon and horse. It is also a reflection of our Chinese nation's self-improvement and self-reliance.


          Ma Stepping on a Flying Swallow, called Ma Chao's Dragon Bird, is a representative of the bronze art of the Eastern Han Dynasty. A swift horse was galloping, with a bird under its right hind hoof. The birds spread their wings and looked back in amazement. By combining realism with romanticism, ancient Chinese craftsmen combined galloping horses and flying birds with rich imagination, ingenious ideas and skilled craftsmanship, set off the galloping horses' speed with the speed of flying birds, and combined the galloping horses' unruly momentum with the plain and stable mechanical structure. It has vigorous vitality and indomitable momentum, and is a symbol of the Chinese nation.


          The Eight Steed Horse Sculpture is a combination of eight bronze horse sculptures with different shapes. The Eight Steed Horse refers to eight famous horses of King Mu of Zhou in ancient Chinese myths and legends. One of the eight steed is called Jedi. It can fly in the air without trampling on the earth and landing on its feet; One is called Fanyu, which can run faster than birds; One is called Benjing, who travels thousands of miles at night; One is called superlight, which can run after the sun; One is called Yue Hui. The color of horse hair is brilliant and radiant; One is called Super Shadow, and one horse has ten shadows; One is called Tengwu, who drives the clouds and fog to run; One is called Zhanyi. He has wings on his body and flies for 90000 miles like a roc.


          Apollo chariot and horse sculpture: Apollo chariot originated from the western sun god. It is the god of light, prophecy, music and medicine in ancient Greek mythology, the god of disaster relief, and the god of protection for human civilization, migration and navigation. He was also the son of Zeus and Leto. Apollo is also called Phobos Apollo, and Phobos means "bright" or "brilliant". Apollo is the most handsome of all male gods. He is happy, intelligent, and has a sunny temperament. He is the object that many artists praise in poetry and painting.


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